Strategic Solving Part I
Teaching Notes:

These exercises and activities are for students to use independently of the teacher to practise number properties.

Number Framework Domain and Stage:

Addition and Subtraction AA

Curriculum Reference:

NA 3-1: Use a range of additive and simple multiplicative strategies with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages.

NA 3-6: Record and interpret additive and simple multiplicative strategies, using words, diagrams, and sybols, with an understanding of equality.

NP Book Reference:

These exercises and activities follow from the AA teaching episodes from Book 5 and are for those students who are able to use the number properties of addition and subtraction.

Prior knowledge: students should be able to…

During these activities students will meet:


Exercise 1:
this a revision of the different ways a number fact with three numbers can be recorded to find a form that enables x to be easily calculated.

Exercise 2:
Students are not required to know any methods of solving equations to be able to solve these problems. The requirement is that they immediately write the equation in a form that tells them the calculation they need to do. Students will be required to select an appropriate Add / Sub strategy in order to calculate x.

Homework Exercises:

Exercise 3 could be used as homework.

Practice exercises with answers.

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