Pipe music with decimals
Teacher's Notes

These exercises and activities are for students to use independently of the teacher to practice number properties.

Number Framework domain and stage:

Fractions, stage 6-7, advanced additive to advanced multiplicative

Curriculum reference:

Number, level 3, Algebra level 3

Numeracy Project book reference:

These activities can be used to follow the teaching episodes based on, Book 7, pages 22 to 24 and are for those students who are able to use the associated number properties.

Prior knowledge. Students should be able to:

During these activities, students will meet:


Students who are at stage 6 in the addition subtraction domain should have sufficient understanding of whole number addition and subtraction to transfer their strategies to decimals - once they have developed an understanding of the decimal point as a separator between the whole numbers and those numbers that are parts of a whole. (And learned to read decimals, developed an understanding of decimal place value and can order decimals).

Exercise 2 introduces low-level algebra. Working with 'start and change unknown problems' should be familiar to students from their work with whole numbers. However, it may pay to discuss strategies for solving these problems with students before setting the exercise, rather than assume that students have the skills to work on such problems in a decimal context, which 'looks' much harder than the whole number work they have already worked on. This discussion could develop a process that leads nicely to formal solution methods for more sophisticated problems later on.

Practice exercises with answers:

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Homework with answers:

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