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Teacher’s Notes

These exercises and activities are for students to use independently of the teacher to practice number properties

Number Framework domain and stage:

Fractions ratios and proportions, stages 3 to 4, counting from one by imaging to advanced counting

Curriculum reference:

Number, level 1

Numeracy Project book reference:

These activities can be used to follow the teaching episodes based on, Book 7, pages 2 to 4 and are for those students who are able to use the associated number properties.

Prior knowledge. Students should be able to:

During these activities, students will meet:


These exercises are for students with little fractional knowledge and focus on the ‘parts of a whole’ construct of fractions.

When marking, it is important to discuss with students that it does not matter which pieces are shaded, as long as the correct number are shaded. Likewise for exercise 3, there are a range of different shapes that could be the whole figure. Note that several shapes have been left unshaded in the answers for exercise 1, so students come to you for this discussion.

Homework exercises with answers:

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