Welcome to the Statistics area of the nzmaths website.

This website provides you with units of work for the two linked areas of the Statistics strand of Mathematics in the New Zealand Curriculum.

The goal of all our units is to produce students who are able to think mathematically and are confident and comfortable with the mathematics they are using. Throughout these units we have adopted a problem solving approach to the teaching.

Our units are really mini-units in that they are designed for a single week. We imagine that as a teacher you could combine 2-3 of our mini-units to form a substantial unit of statistics for your class. See Unit Structure for detail on the structure of the units.

The units are linked to the levels and achievement objectives from the curriculum. See Information for detail on the sequence of learning for each level. Also included in this componment of the website is a tutorial if you are unfamiliar with computer spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are a useful tool in statistical investigations.

For more information on the progression of mathematical learning in the Statistics strand you may want to try the Probability Curriculum Exemplar or the Data Display Curriculum Exemplar.

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