Statistics Information

The Statistics Strand encompasses two key linked areas. These are statistical investigations and probability which are discussed in more detail below.

Statistical investigations involve the four aspects of:

While these four aspects can, and sometimes have to be, taught separately, they are intimately linked. The goal for teaching investigations is that students will be able to employ all four together. As a result, by the end of their primary schooling, they will be able to conduct an investigation of their own from scratch, make sensible conclusions and discuss the merits of these conclusions.

More information about Statistical Investigations Information can be found on this link.

Probability, is the study of random events. By the end of their primary schooling, students should understand the concept of probability and know how to calculate it both theoretically and experimentally. They should also have some notion of how to use it and calculate it in real situations.

More information about Probability Information can be found on this link.

Why teach Statistics?