Level 6 Problems

The problems have been grouped below by Strand. The numbers in brackets indicate the relevant achievement objectives. Listed under Units are extended problem solving investigations which aim to introduce students to an underlying idea of mathematics through a problem

Number and Algebra

Pigs Goats and Sheep
Square Milk Bottle Crates
Rectangular Milk Bottle Crates
Pizza Toppings 2
A Ladies Age
Diophantus I
Diophantus II
What is s?
What is t?
What are s and t?
Peter’s Third String
Karen's Second Tiles
Polygonal Strings
The Old Chicken Run Problem
Triangular Number Links

Number and Algebra

Adding Ten Tiles II
All the Ones
How Many Numbers
Nine Tiles
Ten Tiles II
Ten Tiles III
Weighing Time
Difference Magic Squares


Hineas Other Watch
Hinea's Watch's Hands
Julie's Wheels




Logic and Reasoning

No More in a Line  
No Three in a Line Game