Level 5 Problems

The problems have been grouped below by Strand. The numbers in brackets indicate the relevant achievement objectives. Listed under Units are extended problem solving investigations which aim to introduce students to an underlying idea of mathematics through a problem


400 Problem
Fair Games
Six Circles
Ws and Worms

Consecutive Numbers


Can Stack
Displaying Postcards
Jackson's Consecutive Numbers
Olympic Training
Rows of Numbers
Painting Triplets
Square and Triangular Numbers
From a Square to a Rectangle
Ten Tiles I


Flip's Flag
Poppy Meets Pythagoras
Rings and Diamonds
Vince's Problem
Sols Serviettes


Square Pegs in Round Holes
A4 Containers
Bill's Badge
Penny's Box
Puck's Girdle
Tennis Ball Tubes
Playdough Balls
Karen's Tiles
Peter's Second String
Dans Badge


Powers of 7
The Five Number Game
Add ten tiles I
Base 3
Time Problems
Doubling Up
Cart Before The Horse
The Magic Squares
My Son is Naughty
Working Backwards


Make the Highest Total
Another Dartboard 
Laras Equiprobable Dice 1

Logic and Reasoning

Lake Crossing I  
Lake Crossing II 
Space Crossing    
Rolling Marbles   
Richards Dice  
No Three In a Line Again