Project Material

In this area you can access animations which show some suggested uses for Numeracy Project equipment.  There are links below for the Material Masters and the Books for the Numeracy Development Project.  Other related material is also available.  These documents are provided in the PDF format.  To view them you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  If you need to get Adobe Acrobat Reader or update your current version please go to the Adobe site.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader software is FREE.  

Books:  The ten books of the 2008 Numeracy Development Project.  Click for information about changes to the 2007 books or to order hard copies.

Material Masters:  The Material masters used in Numeracy Development Project activities.

Planning Sheets:  Planning sheets for the three strategy domains and for algebra are available here.

Equipment Animations:  English and Māori versions.

Secondary Numeracy Project:  Resources and information.

Home-School Partnership: Numeracy:  Handbook and links to activities.

Representational Framework: Illustrates the responses of students at different stages of the Number Framework to questions on the three strategy domains.

Lead Teacher Information:  Additional support material for Numeracy Lead Teachers.

Principals' Information:  Additional support material for Principals.

Other Material: Including GloSS forms; IKAN tests; Student Profiles (274KB); Number Sense Item Bank (129KB); Class Summary Sheets (54KB); Portfolio Examples (393KB); Content Tutorials; Parent information pamphlets and low decile funding forms.