Secondary Numeracy Project


This page provides information about the Secondary Numeracy Project.


This page provides a large collection of practice activities each of which should provide sufficient material for a group of students for around a week. Teaching notes are included with each set of activities.

Individual Activities

This page provides a collection of shorter activities suitable for following up a single lesson. Teaching notes are included with each activity.

Diagnostic Interview materials

This page contains all the printable material required to carry out the Diagnostic Interview.

Teaching Activities

This page includes descriptions of several teacher-led activities related to numeracy concepts.


This page includes a collection of games linked to numeracy practices.

Powerpoint presentations

This page provides links to several Powerpoint presentations which have been developed by facilitators and may be useful for staff meetings or for your own interest.

Other material

This page contains other resources related to the Secondary Numeracy Project.

What's New?

We have redeveloped this section of the site to make the resources more easily accessible to teachers.