GloSS Forms

The Global Strategy Stage (GloSS) forms can be used to determine which global strategy a student uses.  There are five versions of the form, which can be downloaded in PDF () or Word () format:

  • GloSS Student Record Sheet (220KB)
  • GloSS Assessment A   (228KB)   (214KB)
  • GloSS Assessment B   (267KB)   (265KB)
  • GloSS Assessment C   (266KB)   (259KB)
  • GloSS Assessment D   (249KB)   (218KB)
  • GloSS Assessment E   (405KB)   (230KB)

    Click here to download a zip file with recording sheets for GloSS forms A-D (269KB).

    Click here for Māori versions of the GloSS forms.