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Using the Diagnostic Interview

The diagnostic interview is administered in an individual interview.

It is used to assess in full:

  • student knowledge in all five of the knowledge domains
  • student strategy in all three of the strategy domains.

The Diagnostic Interview can be time consuming to administer, particularly with students working at the upper stages of the Number Framework. It was developed to be used in professional development programmes and is not viable as a diagnostic tool for classroom teachers to use with their whole class on a regular basis. The main purpose of the interview is to familiarise teachers with the Number Framework by working through the interview with a number of students. If the Number Framework is new to you it is recommended that you carry out approximately 6 interviews with students.

It is not anticipated that the Diagnostic Interview will become a regular method of assessment in schools; however teachers may find it useful to identify learning needs for particular students that are not progressing as expected. The information gained from NumPA can be used to develop targeted intervention programmes. It can also be useful on entry to school at age 5, and when students transfer into a school.