Fostering a Professional Learning Community in Your School

A professional learning community in a school is essential in order for the numeracy project to be sustained in that school and for any future professional development initiatives. Teacher collaboration is necessary for professional learning to occur.

Developing a professional learning community

The school’s management team need to devise strategies to facilitate closer working relationships between colleagues in order for trust and mutual support to develop i.e a learning community. Developing an effective learning community is part of the role of the principal alongside the senior management team. Information on how to analyse existing learning communities and develop a learning community within a school can be found on the following sites:

Focusing on Achievement Data

Background information on the use of data

Why gather data, how might you investigate it and what is the best time of year for a data investigation?

Using and reporting data to effect change

Looks at using data to report and effect change and outlines four types of comparisons that can be made with the use of data.

Using expectations

Provides expected levels of achievement that can be used to identify students at risk and those with special abilities.

Developing Curriculum Statements

Curriculum Statements for mathematics.