Ongoing Professional Development in Numeracy

This section is designed to enable lead teachers to support each of their teachers with numeracy teaching in the classroom. In order for this to happen lead teachers need to work through a process where the teachers gain ownership of what they are going to focus on and how the observations and feeedback sessions will be undertaken.

Each topic is presented as a guideline for development that could be used in a variety of contexts including staff, syndicate or numeracy management team meetings and meetings with individual teachers. Possible contexts are identified within each topic.

Teachers New to the Numeracy Resource

A process that can be used to develop a plan to support new teachers.

Teachers Underway on their Numeracy Journey

A series of sessions for professional development that can be used within staff meetings or with individual teachers to give teachers the opportunity to set their own goals and to develop an individual action plan. Each of these sessions need to be run consecutively over a fairly short period of time.

Effective Classrooms
Identifying Teachers’ Personal Levels of Development
Classroom Observation and Feedback
Developing Individual Teacher Action Plans
Observing and Recording
Giving and Using Feedback

Lead Teacher Professional Development

A variety of processes to follow to develop the professional capabilities of the Lead Teacher.

Working with the Principal
Identifying and Using Current Staff Strengths
Managing Time in Classrooms
Coaching and Mentoring