Number Knowledge (Lessons)


Number Framework

Numeral ID

Number sequences & order

Basic Facts

Place Value

Level 1

Stages 0-4

"teen" numbers
Building Teens
Five Frames
Guess my No.
“ty” numbers

Ordering Fitness
Empty No. lines

Jumping beans
Go Fish
Buttons to Ten
Buttons and Frames
Clap, Pat, Click
Target practice
1-1 Tens
Facts of Five
Patterns to Ten
Addition and subtraction facts to Ten
Tens for Teens
Blast Off in 5
Party Time

Lolly Packets
Pieces of Twenty
How Many More
Five Plus
Calculator Plus Ten
Cows in Paddocks
Find the Ten
Fingers to Five and Ten
Five Little Ducks

Level 2

Stage 5

“th” numbers

More empty No.lines
Secret Numbers

Bridging to Ten
Pocket Facts
Number cards
Subtraction Game
Greedy Pig
Tennis Ball Addition

Big Steps
Something's Hiding
Show Me the Number

Level 3

Stage 6

My Decimal No.
Fractions and Grids

Missing Number Bingo

Roughly how many
Multiple Patterns
Smiley Hundred
Blank Grids
Array Game
Multiply Target
Multiply it
Cards to 24
Algebra Relay
Tennis Ball Multiplication

Rolling problems
Target 15 287

Level 4-5

Stage 7-8

Decimal Bingo

Fraction Dominoes
Decimal Calculator Numbers

Common Multiples
Factor Cards

Target 15.287