Level 5 Number Learning Objects

Biscuit Factory.
Biscuit Factory explores ratio relationships in the context of gears (more info).
Biscuit factory: ratios
Biscuit factory: complex ratios
Biscuit factory: directions
Biscuit factory: create a two-gear system
Biscuit factory: create a three-gear system
Biscuit factory: gears and speed
Drive helps users solve proportional problems with distance and time (more info).
Drive: hard problems
Squirt helps users explore and express proportional relationships (more info).
Squirt: three containers: complex proportional relationships
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.
NLVM: Number manipulatives
Sieve of Eratosthenes
Pascal's triangle
Learn Alberta.
Learn Alberta: Exploring Number series (more info).
Exploring order of operations
Exploring powers of 10
Learn Alberta.
Learn Alberta: Exploring Fractions and Percentages series (more info).
Exploring combined percentages
Learn Alberta.
Learn Alberta: Exploring Measurement series (more info).
Exploring ratios and proportions
Exploring square roots