Level 3 Number Learning Objects

Decimaster requires users to represent fractions and decimals in various different ways (more info).
Decimaster: match-up 1
Decimaster: match-up 2
Decimaster: match-up 3
Decimaster plus: match-up 1
Decimaster plus: match-up 2
Decimaster plus: match-up 3
Decimaster group: match-up 1
Decimaster group: match-up 2
Decimaster group: match-up 3
Design Briefs.
Design Briefs explores fractions and decimals in the context of proportions of areas (more info).
Design a park
Design your own park
Park fractions Icon.
Divide It Up.
Divide It Up helps users explore grouping to solve division problems (more info).
Divide it up: kittens
Divide it up: hardware
Divide it up: puppies
Divide it up: grouping tool
Divide it up: sharing tool
Fraction Fiddle.
Fraction Fiddle helps users explore problems involving fractions (more info).
Fraction fiddle: tool
Fraction fiddle: matching cake fractions
Fraction fiddle: comparing non-unit fractions
Fraction fiddle: hit the apple
Fraction fiddle: shoot the hoop
Fraction fiddle: reach the target
Number Line.
Number Line helps users to record how they solve addition and subtraction problems using a number line (more info).
Number Line
Pobble Arrays.
Pobble Arrays uses an array model to explore factors and multiples (more info).
Pobble arrays: make multiples
Pobble arrays: find a factor
Pobble arrays: find two factors
Scale Matters.
Scale Matters helps users explore numberlines with a variety of scales (more info).
Scale matters: tenths
Scale matters: tens of thousands
Scale matters: hundredths
Scale matters: range of numbers Icon.
Squirt helps users explore and express proportional relationships (more info).
Squirt: two containers: level 1
Squirt: two containers level 2
Squirt: two containers Icon.
The Difference Bar.
The Difference Bar helps users solve subraction problems by partitioning and comparing (more info).
The difference bar: make your own hard subtractions
The difference bar: generate hard subtractions
Difference bars Icon.
The Multiplier.
The Multiplier helps users solve multiplication problems by partitioning and combining (more info).
The multiplier: make your own easy multiplications
The multiplier: generate easy multiplications
The multiplier Icon.
The Part Adder.
The Part Adder helps users add numbers by partitioning and combining (more info).
The part-adder: make your own hard sums
The part-adder: generate hard sums
The part-adder Icon.
The Take-away Bar.
The Take-Away Bar helps users solve subraction problems by partitioning (more info).
The take-away bar: make your own hard subtractions
The take-away bar: generate hard subtractions
Take-away bars Icon.
Wishball is a game involving addition and subtraction with place value (more info).
Wishball: whole numbers
Wishball: tenths
Wishball: hundreths
Wishball: thousandths
Wishball: ultimate
Wishball challenge: whole numbers
Wishball challenge: tenths
Wishball challenge: hundredths
Wishball challenge: thousandths
Wishball challenge: ultimate
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.
NLVM: Fraction manipulatives
Fraction pieces
Fractions: visualising
Fractions: naming
Fractions: parts of a whole
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.
NLVM: Number manipulatives
Numberline arithmetic
Numberline bars
Rectangle multiplication
Circle 99
Learn Alberta.
Learn Alberta: Exploring Number series (more info).
Exploring number patterns