Level 1 Number Learning Objects

Cassowary Fractions.
Cassowary Fractions allows users to explore half and quarter in context (more info).
Cassowary fractions
Cassowary sanctuary Icon.
Number Line.
Number Line helps users to record how they solve addition and subtraction problems using a number line (more info).
Number Line
Number Trains.
Number Trains asks users to place numbers in order to form 'trains' (more info).
Number trains: numbers 1 to 10
Number trains: numbers 1 to 20
Number trains: numbers 30 to 50
Number trains: numbers 90 to 120
Number trains: skip counting
Number trains Icon.
Scale Matters.
Scale Matters helps users explore numberlines with a variety of scales (more info).
Scale matters: ones
The Number Partner.
The Number Partner helps users find the pairs of numbers that add together to make numbers from 10 to 30 (more info).
The number partner
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.
NLVM: Fraction manipulatives
Fraction pieces
Fractions: parts of a whole