About the Learning Objects

  1. Introducing Te Pātaka Matihiko and The Le@rning Federation (TLF)
  2. About the mathematics learning objects
  3. How to register for access to the learning objects
  4. Finding an appropriate learning object

Introducing Te Pātaka Matihiko and The Le@rning Federation (TLF)

Te Pātaka Matihiko Our Digital Storehouse is the New Zealand gateway to a collection of quality learning objects produced by The Le@rning Federation (TLF). TLF is an exciting and innovative project that employs emerging technologies to produce online curriculum content to encourage student learning and support teachers in Australian and New Zealand schools. TLF is an initiative of the state, territory and federal governments of Australia and New Zealand.

TLF has adopted the learning object model for its online interactive content. Learning objects are chunks of digital material - for example graphics, text, audio, animation, interactive tools - specifically designed to engage and motivate student learning. Click for more information about TLF.

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About the mathematics learning objects

The Mathematics and numeracy online curriculum content produced by The Le@rning Federation is designed to produce high-quality interactive multimedia learning objects that support and enhance understanding of key mathematical concepts for students from Year 1 to 10. The learning objects are based on current research findings in mathematics education and pedagogy. They focus on mathematics concepts that are often the most difficult for students to learn and for teachers to teach, and encourage higher order thinking and problem-solving approaches.

The learning objects are published in series and some learning objects within a series are aggregated into single learning objects. Aggregated learning objects are symbolised with the symbol symbol. .

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How to register for access to the learning objects

New Zealand schools can register their interest to access the learning objects available in the site. A PDF of currently registered schools is available. If your school does not appear on this you will need to follow a two-step registration process before you can access the learning objects. If it is on the list it means that your school has been given a username and password. You should be able to log in and use the learning objects.

Users outside New Zealand can not currently access the learning objects hosted in Te Pātaka Matihiko Our Digital Storehouse.

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Finding an appropriate learning object

The nzmaths website has classified the learning objects developed by the TLF project into the strands and levels of the New Zealand mathematics curriculum. The learning objects can be accessed from the table on the learning objects homepage. Users can select either a strand or a curriculum level to display the appropriate learning objects. Clicking a cell within the table displays the learning objects at that strand and level. In some instances there are no objects available at a particular strand and level, in this case "No learning objects available" appears in the cell.


Select 'more info' to view a description of the series of objects on the TLF site, or click on the name of the specific object to open it in a new browser window. You will be asked for your username and password if you click to access a learning object. Some learning objects have not yet been released. The names of these objects appear in black and not underlined, and there is no link available.

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