Level 3 Geometry Learning Objects

Building Site.
Building Site requires users to show what an image seen from above would appear like when viewed from the side (more info).
Building site: level 1
Building site: level 2
Building site: level 3
Building site: level 4
Building site Icon.
Pasifika Patterns.
Pasifika Patterns helps users learn about rotational and reflection symmetry (more info).
Pasifika Patterns
Photo Hunt.
Photo Hunt requires users to rotate a 3d scene so that a 'photo' replicates a given 2D picture (more info).
Photo hunt: level 1
Photo hunt: level 2
Photo hunt: level 3
Photo hunt: level 4
Photo hunt Icon.
Shape Maker.
Shape Maker requires users to create 3D objects by spinning and extruding 2D shapes (more info).
Shape maker: simple objects
Shape maker: blocker
Shape maker: stacker
Shape maker: replicator
Shape maker: complex objects 1
Shape maker: complex objects 2
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.
NLVM: Space manipulatives
Pattern blocks
Geoboard: coordinate
Congruent triangles
Turtle geometry
Learn Alberta.
Learn Alberta: Exploring Space series (more info).
Exploring transformations