Level 1 Geometry Learning Objects

Direct a Robot.
Direct a Robot requires users to guide a robot to collect objects by providing directions and distances (more info).
Direct a robot: collector
Direct a robot: which way?
Direct a robot: how far?
Shape Overlays.
Shape Overlays asks users to overlay 2D shapes to create other shapes (more info).
Shape overlays: find and cut
Shape overlays: picture studio
Shape overlays: find, cut and turn
Shape overlays: picture puzzle
Tessellate decorate.
Tesselate Decorate asks users to use a range of shapes, or combinations of shapes, to make tessellations to decorate the living room in a house. (more info).
Tessellate decorate: rectangles
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.
NLVM: Space manipulatives
Attribute blocks
Pattern blocks