Level 5 Algebra Learning Objects

Mobile Phone Plans.
Mobile Phone Plans provides a context for the use of line graphs (more info).
Mobile phone plans: find the best deal 1
Mobile phone plans: find the best deal 2
Mobile phone plans: find the best deal 3
Mobile phone plans: peak and off-peak
Mobile phone plans: one company
Mobile phone plans: several companies
Triathlon helps users explore features of a distance-time graph (more info).
Triathlon: distance-time graphs
Triathlon: triathlete
Triathlon: elite triathletes
Triathlon: the course
Lifting Loads.
Lifting Loads uses pulleys as a context for exploring relationships (more info).
Lifting loads: force
Lifting loads: reducing force
Lifting loads: adding pulleys
Lifting loads: pulling ropes
Lifting loads: challenge
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.
NLVM: Algebra manipulatives
Algebra balance scales: negatives