Level 3 Algebra Learning Objects

Bridge Builder.
Bridge Builder introduces users to simple linear number patterns (more info).
Bridge builder: triangles 1
Bridge builder: triangles 2
Bridge builder: quadrilaterals
Bridge builder: complex structures
Bridge builder: pentagons
Circus Towers.
Circus Towers explores number patterns linked to spatial arangements (more info).
Circus towers: square stacks
Circus towers: triangular towers
Circus towers: triangular prisms
Circus towers: rectangular prisms
Circus towers: square pyramids
Hopper requires users to find the finishing point when counting on from a given starting point in various increments (more info).
Hopper: whole numbers
Hopper: tenths
Hopper: hundredths
Hopper: ultimate
Hopper challenge: whole numbers
Hopper challenge: tenths
Hopper challenge: ultimate
Musical Number Patterns.
Musical Number Patterns requires users to generate counting patterns (more info).
Musical Number Patterns: musical counter
Musical number patterns: music maker
Musical number patterns: odds and evens
Musical number patterns: musical times
Musical number patterns: the challenge
National library of Virtual Manipulatives.
NLVM: Algebra manipulatives
Tower of Hanoi
Coin problem
Function machine