Digital Learning Objects

Select a strand or level from the table below to display the related Learning Objects. Choosing a cell from within the table will display the Learning Objects at that strand AND level.







Level 1

Algebra, level 1 Geometry, level 1 Measurement, level 1 Number, level 1 Statistics, level 1

Level 2

Algebra, level 2 Geometry, level 2 Measurement, level 2 Number, level 2 Statistics, level 2

Level 3

Algebra, level 3 Geometry, level 3 Measurement, level 3 Number, level 3 Statistics, level 3

Level 4

Algebra, level 4 Geometry, level 4 Measurement, level 4 Number, level 4 Statistics, level 4

Level 5

Algebra, level 5 Geometry, level 5 Measurement, level 5 Number, level 5 Statistics, level 5

Click for information about the learning objects and how to access them.

Click for an interface to the Māori versions of the learning objects (not all learning objects exist in Māori).

New Zealand schools can click to register for access to the learning objects. This is a two step process that will require you to complete and return a 'conditions of use' agreement on behalf of your school.

The Ministry of Education would like to receive feedback from teachers who have used learning objects, please click to register for their online survey.